new painting } come in/come close/come together


All I’m going to say about this painting is that I miss companionship.

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eve, me & the polyhedra


A few days ago I trekked to Muji at the Avenues to restock on color origami paper. Of course, as expected, they were out. But I found these square notepads with ecru-colored paper, ready and perfect for being stamped and folded. The new polyhedra are smaller, which I actually like. And I don’t think that Muji Kuwait […]

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stories of eves } fatima & eve } part one

when you sleep at night she'll play you a tune, and maybe steal your shoe laces. she does that to me all the time

A few weeks ago I introduced Eve to my friend Fatima Fayez. The two got on like a house on fire, and now they are the best of travel buddies. Although Fatima was great at showing Eve around Kuwait’s finer sites, it is this trip that Eve will remember most dearly. Not only was she […]

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1001 eves } eves by wafa rashed

Yesterday my friend Wafa Rashed sent me all these delightful photos of Eve at Sunday night’s 1001 Eves tea party. The more she sent (this went on all day!) the fewer I included in my previous post, simply because hers were much nicer. Of the 53 Eves exploring Dar Nur, she found 39. Not bad! Thank […]

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lb o j’zazz’s intro to art clay silver workshop } yesterday i made a pair of earrings


I’ve been wanting to take one of Lubna Saif Abbas’ workshops for ages, but they always fell on days that I couldn’t attend. This one, however, was on a Sunday afternoon. Perfect. And what made it even more perfect was that I love playing with clay and I love silver and it sort of blended […]

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butchering schiele

i've always enjoyed the quality of oil pastels. here i used parcel paper i bought from ace

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I visited the Egon Schiele Radical Nude exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery. One of the ways you can tell I really love a collection is if it makes me want to go home and draw or paint. And this one did. Of course I wouldn’t even dream about […]

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stories of eves } creating eves

I’m creating thirty eves that I’m going to be sending off to a select number of individuals who I feel are going to take an active part in her story. Of course it’s an arduous process of drawing, cutting (hate the cutting!) and writing details on the back. Then there’s the posting which I actually look forward to. […]

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secretary } loft965’s sombreve tonight

In August I was asked by Loft965‘s Nasser AlQatami to create an Eve for his September playlist. He explained it was an annual list which was traditionally broody and moody; a little like me, a little like Eve. Of course I said yes. He told me how his playlist titles were always portmanteaus so together we came up […]

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girls explore } eve van vaterbearer on instagram

behind the scenes

I decided that Eve has worked hard enough, frolicked long enough and has enough antics under her belt to merit her own Instagram account. And she deserves a last name. Here she is: Eve van Vaterbearer. Follow her on @stories_of_eves.

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eves explore almond kulture


I finally got my long-awaited package from Bianca: a care pack from a dear friend. Thank you, B. You have made me very happy, appeasing my hunger for mail and my passion for food. For the past few month, my friend Bianca Simonian’s Almond Kulture was a mere Instagram/Facebook celebrity I adored from afar. I had no […]

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eve in a bottle

Today is cleaning day. But I can’t be bothered to clean. I’m feeling particularly downhearted and extremely weak. So I resorted to what I do best to console my spirit.

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lantern #4 complete } a population of eve

I never intended for my girls to be stuck with the name Eve, but people won’t stop calling them that. Oh well.

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Ghadah Alkandari|Stories of Eves

Ten days left. Or is it nine? I’m starting to feel a bit of the buzz I usually get a few weeks before any exhibition. The butterflies I usually reserve for opening day. That’s when I can’t sit still and it’s best to avoid me. Cross the bridge for a map to Gallery Tilal.

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Photographing Eves on a Monday

          Jana came in this morning to photograph the complete Stories of Eves collection. I tried to set up the studio the best way I could to achieve maximum efficiency. I love to feel that I can win over time, so I’m always finding ways to reduce it. So much that […]

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