Four Psychedelic Eves Complete

i don't know if you remember, but i said i would do two more of these psychedelicky eves and i just finished numbers three and four last night. i'm sure they will look a lot more formidable with a less cluttered background (ie. in the gallery)! this morning, these four paintings acted as large, flat building blocks for me. the high-contrast, colorful rays lend themselves to being re-formatted and re-interpreted. as always, i'm turning things into fun and games. i'll never grow up

this one is kind of harsh. i imagine her to be the oldest of the four

i'm tentatively calling this one the puritan eve, for obvious reasons. but who knows what lies under that austere, prudish shell?

i wasn't too crazy about his painting (as i feel about most of my paintings in their earlier stages), but after a series of accidental strokes, i fell in love with her

my soldier-girls

a long time ago, i had surgery on my shoulder. a couple of days before the operation, i had a dream that no one came to visit me at the hospital except for my paintings, which was both sad and scary. kind of like this

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