eve and her [lactose-rich] milk, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

eve and her [lactose-rich] milk, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

Here you can find a comprehensive collection of my paintings complete and/or in progress, plus a few other yummy morsels.

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  1. مرحبا ، اذا ماني غلطان رسمتي من قبل لوحة جميلة لعايشة المرطة، هناك فنانة مصرية جميلة جدا عاشت بالكويت طول عمرها وما غنت الا الاغاني الكويتية واسمها حورية سامي ، طرى على بالي وتخيلتها مرسومة بلوحة جميلة وهو مجرد اقتراح لو تقدرين ترسمين لها لوحة راح تكون بادرة طيبة منج، انا من عشاق صوتها وما ادري اذا تقدرين تسوين هالنوع من اللوحات وانا ممكن اعطيج صور شخصية لها تعطيج ملامحها ، شكرا مرة ثانية

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  3. I absolutely love this piece! It really caught my attention. I’ve enjoyed going through your blog and website so much, and some of your work really resonates. I don’t live in Kuwait, but I’m wondering if there’s still a way to see the artwork you have on sale?

  4. I love all your work so much! Especially the journals. You inspire me to create my own work, and everything you paint makes me fall instantly! Your show I went to amazed me even more, and as I mentioned to you, the one of the girl in the Shower is my favorite. The drawing you did that I won through Instagram hangs by my bed so it is the last thing I see every night and the first thing I see every morning. Keep it up!

    P.S. Sandy says Hi!

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