madness in the studio|february 9, 2011

what a mess in my studio. i've been stuck on four paintings for one reason or another. technically, emotionally, supply-wise or a lack of time. four paintings. forever

here comes the bride. to paint eve as a bride seemed a befitting finale to this collection of stories. just because she's getting married, doesn't necessarily mean she's happy, and just because she's a bride, doesn't necessarily mean she's getting married. i'm filming the progress of this painting so watch out for that video soon. fingers crossed

another trippy painting. i have four of those in total because i think they will look amazing side by side. i like this one's face a lot. she's quite kick-ass

bust and a flashmob of eves

this kitty cat is so adorable. he watches me while i paint. and in return, i feed him left-overs

masking tape. i want my dining table back

what a disgrace. i love other people's studios that look like this, but can't tolerate my own. i can't wait to clean up!

paper snake


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