airplane timelines } kuwait to philly via london



I have to keep my hands busy on a plane, otherwise I go nuts.


Early in the morning, Eve chats with the gargoyles outside.


A park selfie with the Abu-Ghazaleh clan.


Free, free Palestine! Free, free Gaza! On our way to Chinatown we take a detour.


Living with boys.


eve’s cookie } the original original sin


One of Eve’s favorite sounds is the crunch of gravel under her feet. Wet gravel from the rain is even sweeter.

As you may already know, Eve bakes some pretty fabulous chocolate chip cookies. After much goading and prodding she’s decided to share these cookies with the little world around her. So every day, you can have an Eve Cookie, freshly baked by me (Ghadah). Order via Instagram @eves.cookie, at least a day in advance.

20 cookies in a jar (similar to photos) KD 10

20 cookies refill KD 8

There may be an additional fee for delivery to certain areas, but for now it looks like I’m going to be doing the driving around!


two new pictures this weekend

I just bought a basic set of Sakura poster paints. I used to have this same set back in college (early 90s). When I started using them last night I was reminded of how different mediums affect the content of my work. It took me a little while to get the hang of these colors but by the second picture (Stains) I was comfortable. Read More

new painting } friends past, present, real and imaginary

Friends and Ghosts

Friends Past, Present, Real and Imaginary, 2017/2018, acrylic on canvas, 102 x 152 cm

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in triplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork } #88 and #89


The Embrace } Original


The Embrace } In duplicate.

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v is for venus

v is for venus

V is for Venus.

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three faces in december

december 4 face 01

Face 1

december 4 face 02

Face 2

december 6 face

Face 3

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Day 50

day 50 31

I started these faces around the same time my anxiety began, in early October.

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting. Read More

this london trip • gotta pick a pocket or two 


Nothing much in the last few days as I’ve been sick and depressed.  Read More

this london trip • arrival day

I packed a few of my polyhedra, I had to. One of the reasons I chose this apartment was these shelves.

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new painting } the other g

The Other G

The Other G, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 234 x 150 cm

I think this is one of my most elaborate and time-consuming Instagram posts yet. For it, I needed to remove a huge three-seater couch and fill my shelves with my 500 polyhedra. Oh, and I needed a life-size self-portrait. No biggy. Read More

metal heart, rainbow tears


You know what makes me cry? Watching people greet each other at the airport. I’m such a sap and it’s a great time passer, especially when you’re waiting around for a loved one to walk through those sliding doors. Rainbow tears from one with a metal heart.

What makes you cry? Read More

new watercolor painting } colorful woman/the psychology of rainbows

rainbow woman

Colorful Woman/The Psychology of Rainbows

I’ve been feeling rather rainbow-ish lately. I’ve always loved a good rainbow; they’re so exciting to spot and so rare in this part of the world. But they’re also a throwback to the early 80s, an era in which their popularity in sartorial culture soared. I owned everything rainbow: rainbow shoelaces, rainbow-handled tote-bag, rainbow wig. I was even a rainbow monkey for halloween once, whatever that is.  Read More

airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, beirut to kuwait and all in between

airplane timelines lebanon 2017

Kuwait to Beirut. Beirut to Kuwait is missing because I did my crossword puzzles on the short flight back.

My family and I spent a lovely week in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains for my sister Yasmine’s wedding. I’ll share some moments here. Read More

impossible cage

Sometimes my surroundings seem impossible.

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