square zero

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don’t forget, but forget about

October 17, 2020, part one
October 17, 2020, part two
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let me continue

Thursday, October 15, 2020
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Hurricane PM (the Gush)

Music is by Andrew Bird

I made this video a little more than a year ago, for my exhibition Hurricane PM. It was something I’d been playing around with; time-lapses of ice cubes melting with my girls being slowly released from within. It made sense that I’d include it in a show that was all about being trapped/stuck and finding my way out.

airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, some highlights and back

I was looking forward to this trip to Beirut with my best friend Laura Boushnak. It was going to be a work/play vacation and I suppose we did both. We had many ups and one massively disappointing down, but here I want to only remember the pleasant times. Read More

i heart love

diary months of may february 20 2019

I’ve come to the conclusion that most disappointing days land on a Wednesday, even though today has been a pretty OK day.

two new paintings } silence of noise | the hardness (and softness) of sex

the hardness and softness of sex

The Hardness (and Softness) of Sex, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 100 cm

I created The Hardness (and Softness) of Sex a few weeks ago in an attempt to deconstruct (and possibly destruct) Eve. I wanted to experiment with unfamiliar shapes while further exploring my curiosity about colors and their relationship with each other. But also, it was a reaction to a book I had just finished: Resistance: My Life for Lebanon by Soha Bechara. I read the book in a day (short read but also gripping). I was both mortified and comforted by her resilience and strength to survive the harshest and cruelest of conditions. One particular scene that got to me was her placement in solitary confinement and the exercises she did to help herself cope with the loneliness, boredom and claustrophobia of her situation. How would I deal if I were in such a predicament? These thoughts and feelings were transferred to my painting, through the act of scratching. Because that’s what I’d do if someone put me in a box. I’d try to claw myself out-physically, emotionally, spiritually. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Read More

new painting } it’s you, not me

it's you not me

it’s you, not me, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 70 cm

Sometimes men hurt me.

No. Many times men hurt me. But most of all I hurt myself. And it’s now time to fix this slightly chipped Ghadah, seriously. I’m seeing a therapist and I’m approaching my healing process (the one I should’ve started six or so years ago) with the gusto of someone about to assemble a new piece of IKEA furniture. It will be systematic, deliberate, pragmatic and full of note-taking. I’m getting an A+ on this, you’ll see.
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new painting } fatima’s needles II


Fatima’s Needles II, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 149 cm

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red, red yarn

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airplane timelines } kuwait to philly via london



I have to keep my hands busy on a plane, otherwise I go nuts.

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bald woman

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two new pictures this weekend

I just bought a basic set of Sakura poster paints. I used to have this same set back in college (early 90s). When I started using them last night I was reminded of how different mediums affect the content of my work. It took me a little while to get the hang of these colors but by the second picture (Stains) I was comfortable. Read More