this london trip • days four and five


Laura brings Gwen along with her to keep Eve happy while we go out on our long adventure.

The girls can’t wait for us to leave. Incidentally, Gwen is looking for a home. If you’re interested, let me know x

My pretty flowers from Laura.

We finally make it to Kew. Here, a fabulous sculpture by Nic Fiddian-Green.

Jilly Sutton.

‘She looks like you,’ says Laura. ‘Let me take a picture.’ And of course I pose for a picture.

The Hive by Wolfgang Buttress.

We are little girl bees in this hive.

Centuries-old stone pine.

Serenity now. 

La Promesse by Anne Curry.

Monkey Puzzle.

Next day we stay close to home. I see this crazy sofa in a window. I wonder what the clock is thinking.

Laura and the first lemon cake.

The second lemon cake because the first was lonely in our bellies.

Laura brought me this wonderful gift: a portrait of Eve.

this london trip • days two and three

I can’t do this anymore, I hate that I’m a day behind so I’m consolidating here. This post is yesterday and today. 

The first thing I did yesterday morning was pose with a bowl of fruit and my traveling tap. Managing a self-timed photo from that angle was tricky.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And furniture that will do your bidding.

Down the road I had a Swedish lunch to honor my brother-in-law M. In ten minutes those meatballs and mashed potatoes were devoured.

Later on I bought some stamps from this lovely man.

End of day two. 

This afternoon, after an errand at the Kuwaiti Higher Education department, I met my friend Lulwa at Partridge’s in Sloane Square where I had the most incredible salted caramel brownie. 

Lulu and the brownies. And coffee of course.

She wants a selfie and I say why not!

And I capped the afternoon with a quick visit to my Uncle Yagoub and my nephew Mohammed.

I got back home to a nice toasty flat (got the radiators to work, but not sure how, so they’re on/off at random times) and took a really good nap! And that’s this London trip: mellow, subdued, crazy-free. 

this london trip • day one

I just realized that I’m on day two now and it’s bugging me that I’m behind. So I’ll post yesterday now and today later on. 

Not that I’m doing much. It’s been a subdued stay so far, which was the plan all along: sleep, eat well, breathe and draw. 

And see friends of course. 

On my way to meet Naz for tea I saw this lovely pile of junk. Of course! It was Saturday on Portobello Road.

Yummy mangoes I bought on Ladbroke Grove yesterday afternoon. See? That’s how wild my trip’s been so far.

I was supposed to see Anna later on but neither one of us was in any condition to meet:

Whatsapp back-and-forths.

Lime green.

I want things to be peachy keen again.

this london trip • arrival day

I packed a few of my polyhedra, I had to. One of the reasons I chose this apartment was these shelves.

I finally arrived at the Airbnb flat I’d been dying to see ever since my sister Yasmine suggested it to me. I came here this time envisioning a quieter, more serene experience. I’m here to see my friends, yes, but I’m also here to spend time in this flat, with London happening just outside its windows. 

Airplane Timelines in reverse order. I’m creating these next posts using the WordPress app on my iPhone, so not sure yet how to use all the features. 

My headboard is essentially this window and the view that goes with it. I don’t mind at all waking up to this.

I’m set.

new painting } the other g

The Other G

The Other G, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 234 x 150 cm

I think this is one of my most elaborate and time-consuming Instagram posts yet. For it, I needed to remove a huge three-seater couch and fill my shelves with my 500 polyhedra. Oh, and I needed a life-size self-portrait. No biggy. Read More

metal heart, rainbow tears


You know what makes me cry? Watching people greet each other at the airport. I’m such a sap and it’s a great time passer, especially when you’re waiting around for a loved one to walk through those sliding doors. Rainbow tears from one with a metal heart.

What makes you cry? Read More

new watercolor painting } colorful woman/the psychology of rainbows

rainbow woman

Colorful Woman/The Psychology of Rainbows

I’ve been feeling rather rainbow-ish lately. I’ve always loved a good rainbow; they’re so exciting to spot and so rare in this part of the world. But they’re also a throwback to the early 80s, an era in which their popularity in sartorial culture soared. I owned everything rainbow: rainbow shoelaces, rainbow-handled tote-bag, rainbow wig. I was even a rainbow monkey for halloween once, whatever that is.  Read More

airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, beirut to kuwait and all in between

airplane timelines lebanon 2017

Kuwait to Beirut. Beirut to Kuwait is missing because I did my crossword puzzles on the short flight back.

My family and I spent a lovely week in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains for my sister Yasmine’s wedding. I’ll share some moments here. Read More

impossible cage

Sometimes my surroundings seem impossible.

Read More

cardboard drawings } siren under your bed

siren under your bed

The Siren Under Your Bed

Read More

new painting } she wore sylvette

She Wore Sylvette

She Wore Sylvette, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 91 x 122 cm

A year ago I bought a gorgeous ring from my friend jewelry designer Sylvette Blaimont. This painting is an homage to it and the wonderful Sylvette. Read More

ego of eve

A few days ago I saw a post on Instagram that inspired me to create a massive papier-mache Eve head.  Read More


watercolor 6 11 17

I like dates that make mathematical sense, like today: 6+11=17.

Music is Our Lips are Sealed by Fun Boy Three. Read More

khaled, me and the deena machina

My very awesome friend Deena Qabazard came over yesterday for a playdate. My son Khaled joined in with his coding prowess and fun was had by all.

*Music is Let Forever Be by the Chemical Brothers. Read More

yesterday’s news today

diary may 20 2017

May 20, 2017

Read More

a month with a stranger

A few weeks ago I decided to take on a commission, just out of curiosity. It was to create one of my journals, but for someone else, a complete stranger. In a way it was like I was this woman’s surrogate chronicler: incubate my stories for the duration of a few weeks and ultimately give them away, or in my case sell it. And she, she was my unknown confidant. In a strange way I felt like I was getting to know her, but I know as much about her today than I did before I started. It’ll be hard to part with this notebook, just because it holds so much and I was so invested in it. Ah well.  Read More

yellow and blue

I keep changing this. I just added a new clip this afternoon and made it a bit more upbeat. I think I’ll keep it this way and just add more to it in the coming weeks. Read More

fire, ice, wind and twine

I love experimenting with the elements, and this is something I’ve always wanted to do: freeze my drawings and watch them thaw out. So that’s what I did using the iPhone time-lapse feature. I love what little effort it took from me to create this video. It’s sort of like putting a dirty load into the washing machine and letting it do its thing. An hour or so later it’s all done for you.

I’ve also included in this post some other videos that lead to the final segment I’ve posted above. This particular segment will be part of a longer video I’m currently working on (ice is melting in the kitchen as we speak).

*Music is by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Piano Quintet in G, op. 1. Ballade in C, op. 73. Read More

new watercolor } april five face

watercolor face april 5

New watercolor } April Five Face

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until love } four hundred and seventy five


diary april 3 2017


Every now and then I consolidate two categories into one. I felt that it was apt to merge my journal entry with my Until Love project on this post.


I have over 475 of these now. I’m not counting the ones that I’ve gifted over the past two years, so I think I’ve made a little under 500 so far.

Read More

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