airplane timelines } to london and back

airplane timelines 01

Before James.

{ Saturday, April 15 }

lon 61

I arrived on a Friday afternoon and slept until Saturday morning. This is the first thing I saw. Well, not the first thing, but I like to think it is.

lon 31

This is definitely the first place I went: Green and Stones of course. This time I brought Eve with me. Later that afternoon I met an Irishman called Corway (but really Peter) and lastly dinner with Sarah and Matt.

{ Easter Sunday, April 16 }

lon 60

Sarah gave me this Easter bunny, who made friends with Eve, and who I ate two days later. This was the beginning of a day that would’ve ended wonderfully if I hadn’t fucked it up so royally.

lon 52

Eve and I visited my sister-in-law Aiping and her family in Mitcham.

lon 51

Here we posed together, on the way back. In a couple hours I’d meet my friend Filwa for a late lunch. In a few I’d meet James.

{ Easter Monday, April 17 }

lon 40

Monday I picked up Yousef from the airport.

lon 36

Full of regret from the night before (I can’t tell the story), I indulged myself in an elevator mirror selfie.

{ Tuesday, April 18 }

lon 34

Next day Yousef and I visited the Museum of Natural History. Here he stood by a fake hippo.

lon 32

This one would have had to enter the room sideways.

{ Wednesday, April 19 }

lon 30

Wednesday morning I got my hair cut at the George Valossian salon. They always do such a nice job. Nice hair, no one to share it with. So as always, I spent the afternoon with Eve.

lon 26

We had lunch at Iddu a few minutes away from the hotel.

lon 25

We ate cupcakes.

lon 24

And I painted a portrait of her, which I gifted to Naz, who I met later that night in Soho (sans Eve).

{ Thursday, April 20 }

lon 20

Thursday morning I met Ayesha at the riverside walk. As always, we had to take an Iconic London Selfie (ILS). This time by an ice-cream truck. She even bought me an ice-cream cone, because I didn’t have any money on me.

lon 21

Later she was nice-and brave-enough to dodge the skateboarders for this photo of Eve.

lon 22

And we took our second ILS.

lon 23

We both swooned over these dresses.

lon 18

I went back to the hotel for my usual scone/chamomile tea combo. That’s when I received the message that ended any possibility of me seeing J again. Needless to say I lost my appetite and couldn’t finish the second scone.

lon 17

At night it was back to being Eve and me. At least I had Sarah and Laura to look forward to on Friday.

{ Friday, April 21 }

lon 14

I met Sarah Friday morning for a very, very delicious brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill. I swear, when the company is this nourishing and the food this good, it makes you forget your woes.

lon 15

Sarah. I love this woman! And she’s always feeding me such delicious food!!

lon 16

My pancakes were the best: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

lon 13

Later on we had a lovely walk in the park and visited the John Latham exhibition at the Serpentine.

lon 08

Around 2 that afternoon I met Laura at the station. We went for lunch, dessert and drinks in the evening with her friend Kim who I LOVED. Girlfriends really are the best.

lon 10

Laura and I had a proper girly talk on the bed. Here she is with Eve, who she created a few months ago.


Me and Laura.


Laura looking radiant.

lon 07

A selfie on the Ampersand staircase, on our way down to meet Kim.

{ Saturday, April 22 }

lon 100

Saturday I stayed in all day. It was a waste of a gorgeous day but all my friends were busy and I was extremely tired.

lon 101

So I stayed in and dabbled with paint. Later on I had a date with Chris. But after J, this was just…alright. I was back in my hotel room by 9:30.

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 { Sunday, April 23 }

I actually had a pretty busy morning. I was given a late checkout time of 2 pm, which was awesome, since I got to say good-bye to the neighborhood. Yousef came up from Egham and I had a wonderful time with him. Of course the London Marathon was happening, as were the French presidential elections, so South Kensington was teeming with Frenchfolk.

While I packed, I filmed this outside my window: French citizens voting at the adjacent Charles De Gaulle school.

And later on, a boy on a bus. I miss my boy already. I think I missed him even then.

lon 102

After James.





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