same dress|a new painting

  There are two things I have to say about this painting but I’ll only speak about one: it sucks when you’re in the vicinity of someone who is wearing the exact item of clothing that you have on. It’s happened to me twice, but I’ll only speak about the one time. In a bizarre […]

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gallery tilal|a cupful of eves

The title of this painting changed from A Bowlful of Eves to A Cupful of Eves. These things happen sometimes.

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eve & me

  My brother, Tareq, was over for lunch this afternoon. After we ate I saw him clicking away at his phone. Then he asked me, “Ghadah, do you have a painting of Eve at her computer?” and I said yes. Then he showed me a photo he had taken of me a couple of months […]

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Eve on TV

  I was visited this morning by the Kuwait Television crew (Rashed Bader, Amani Al-Enezy, Ahmed Al-Mutairy and Abdulaziz Alhadad), who came in to film a segment for a new variety show to air next year. I was quite nervous because I had to talk about my work in Arabic, and unfortunately I’m not too […]

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three paintings|december 12 am

I often work on several canvases at a time. This is for several reasons, only two of which I remember at the top of my head: first of all, economic reasons. One of my least favorite things about the acrylic medium (which is also one of my favorite things about it) is its rapid dryness […]

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Gallery Tilal|New Painting|Eve Chatting With Eve|December 11 PM

I started a new painting today. I’ve done hundreds of paintings and I’m always a little stuck at first. It seems that I have a different approach to every empty canvas. I have to keep reminding myself to just relax and enjoy it.

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