a big fat thank you and a whole lotta instagrams!

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Well, the show has finally come and gone. I want to thank every single person who helped me with this show whether setting up (Yasmine, Alex, William, Ehsan), taking care of sales (Jana, Yousef, Yasmine), giving me moral support (my family, friends and fellow Intagrammers), getting desperately lost and giving up (Thuraya), wishing me good luck (Maysaa), and attending the show (every single person who was there). I also want to thank (damn it, I told myself I didn’t want this to read like an acceptance speech-leave that to Obama. You can skip this and go straight to the photos, I’ll never know!) my brother Mohammed for flying back early from Bahrain and always being camera-ready to make sure the show is deservedly documented, Ayesha for sending me a wonderful email this morning, Faisal the F for his quirky spin on the exhibition preparations (I will publishing special posts throughout the next few days by M, A and F, so watch out for those). Oh, and thanks to everyone who got into the polkadot spirit. I salute you!

Oh and lastly but not leastly! Thanks Confashions. I have known about Ms. Confashions for some time now and was always intimidated by her. But I discovered at my show that I know who she is personally and I totally see her in a different (better!) light. Thanks, N, for being who I never suspected you to be! And thank you for posting about the show.

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