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A few days ago I was asked to be part of a traveling ‘museum’. It was agreed that my contribution to this project would be a specially created journal, something that would fit into the theme of the exhibition. That’s all I can say for now because my proposal hasn’t been approved yet. So for […]

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a blast from the very near past } a behind-the-scenes look at pgb3

Here are some PGB3 preparation pictures that I didn’t print with the first onslaught of PGB3 photos. I just figured that people had ODed on the show. So a few behind-the-scenes shots taken by Faisal Al Fouzan who was kind enough to come and promote my exhibition through his brilliant photos. There are a couple […]

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a big fat thank you and a whole lotta instagrams!

Well, the show has finally come and gone. I want to thank every single person who helped me with this show whether setting up (Yasmine, Alex, William, Ehsan), taking care of sales (Jana, Yousef, Yasmine), giving me moral support (my family, friends and fellow Intagrammers), getting desperately lost and giving up (Thuraya), wishing me good […]

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mutla ridge

The painting’s finished. I’m also going to share some really nice photos sent to me by Nawaf Alali. The pictures were taken by Liane Al Ghusain and Alia Farid.

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The Teabag Prophecies

About a year ago I started collecting teabags because I loved the organic-ness of a used and dried up bag of tea. I also love repetition and the linearity of things. There is something very regimental and military-like about any ordinary object or human being stacked side by side; almost but not altogether uniform. I […]

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Place, Scan, Compress, Place, Enlarge, Save & Do Over

It’s been four or five days since I last posted anything, the longest I’ve gone without an update. That’s because I’ve been working on this project that has driven me loony over the past few days and I’m still not done. I just thought I’d touch base with you and give you an insight of […]

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