two new paintings } silence of noise | the hardness (and softness) of sex

the hardness and softness of sex

The Hardness (and Softness) of Sex, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 100 cm

I created The Hardness (and Softness) of Sex a few weeks ago in an attempt to deconstruct (and possibly destruct) Eve. I wanted to experiment with unfamiliar shapes while further exploring my curiosity about colors and their relationship with each other. But also, it was a reaction to a book I had just finished: Resistance: My Life for Lebanon by Soha Bechara. I read the book in a day (short read but also gripping). I was both mortified and comforted by her resilience and strength to survive the harshest and cruelest of conditions. One particular scene that got to me was her placement in solitary confinement and the exercises she did to help herself cope with the loneliness, boredom and claustrophobia of her situation. How would I deal if I were in such a predicament? These thoughts and feelings were transferred to my painting, through the act of scratching. Because that’s what I’d do if someone put me in a box. I’d try to claw myself out-physically, emotionally, spiritually. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

hasos 01

‘Hardness’ with a chair, snake plant, candle and lavender-filled fish. And a rug.

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silence of noise

Silence of Noise, 2019, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

I felt that Hardness was a painting that needed a companion so I created Silence of Noise for that reason. Plus I missed painting faces (after just two abstract pieces, one of which I have yet to post here!).


I started the black and white face weeks before adding the colored one. I had something else in mind, but things rarely go as planned with me.

son 01

I called it ‘Silence of Noise’, but in reality it felt more like Silence VS Noise. I was avoiding checking my messages because of one I knew would come but which I didn’t want to deal with. So the night I painted this I asked myself the question: do I want silence tonight or noise? I opted for the former so decided to hold off checking my messages.

son 02

In my room with a couple of cushions by Zeri Crafts.


With Eve and me.

hasos and son

The two go together I think. But they also stand strongly apart.

We are psychedelic.

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