khaled, me and the deena machina

My very awesome friend Deena Qabazard came over yesterday for a playdate. My son Khaled joined in with his coding prowess and fun was had by all.

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yesterday’s news today

diary may 20 2017

May 20, 2017

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a month with a stranger

A few weeks ago I decided to take on a commission, just out of curiosity. It was to create one of my journals, but for someone else, a complete stranger. In a way it was like I was this woman’s surrogate chronicler: incubate my stories for the duration of a few weeks and ultimately give them away, or in my case sell it. And she, she was my unknown confidant. In a strange way I felt like I was getting to know her, but I know as much about her today than I did before I started. It’ll be hard to part with this notebook, just because it holds so much and I was so invested in it. Ah well.  Read More

yellow and blue

I keep changing this. I just added a new clip this afternoon and made it a bit more upbeat. I think I’ll keep it this way and just add more to it in the coming weeks. Read More

fire, ice, wind and twine

I love experimenting with the elements, and this is something I’ve always wanted to do: freeze my drawings and watch them thaw out. So that’s what I did using the iPhone time-lapse feature. I love what little effort it took from me to create this video. It’s sort of like putting a dirty load into the washing machine and letting it do its thing. An hour or so later it’s all done for you.

I’ve also included in this post some other videos that lead to the final segment I’ve posted above. This particular segment will be part of a longer video I’m currently working on (ice is melting in the kitchen as we speak).

*Music is by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Piano Quintet in G, op. 1. Ballade in C, op. 73. Read More

new watercolor } april five face

watercolor face april 5

New watercolor } April Five Face

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until love } four hundred and seventy five


diary april 3 2017


Every now and then I consolidate two categories into one. I felt that it was apt to merge my journal entry with my Until Love project on this post.


I have over 475 of these now. I’m not counting the ones that I’ve gifted over the past two years, so I think I’ve made a little under 500 so far.

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international women’s day with dj maha, mai and me

File 3-7-17, 9 22 07 PM

Mai and I look like seasoned pros. I’m a little under the weather but was jacked up by the mere presence of my dear friend Mai and the wonderful DJ Maha.

For International Women’s Day (celebrating it all week on RK99.7 Radio Kuwait), I was invited to co-host the Drive Back with DJ Maha. I was lucky enough to be on Tuesday’s show which features an incredible selection of alternative music. I was asked to choose a woman I admire and I chose my very special friend Kuwaiti author Mai Al-Nakib. It was a little nerve-racking at first but I think we soon got the hang of it! Below is the complete interview, including today’s very awesome, estrogen-filled music. Listen and enjoy!

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the cabaret

the cabaret o1

The Cabaret, Act I, Page I

I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but I hope to go somewhere with this. Read More

paul newman complete


Paul Newman, 2015-2017, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 140 cm

Finally it’s done! Paul Newman, it’s been a pleasure. Rolex, thank you for the challenge. Read More

the poly’s bid a grand farewell to CAP

What kind of a poly-mistress would I be if I didn’t allow my polyhedra to leave with somewhat of a bang? Naturally there was lots of play involved in packing my beloved ‘stars’, but lots of sweat too!

I want to thank my new friend and sister-in-arms Azza for helping me out this morning. Read More

until } reem algharabali’s photos


This was the main image used for promoting the event. The painting itself proved to be quite popular and found a really good home. The exhibition is up until February 22.

Months of work came to fruition last Wednesday with the opening of my latest show Until at the Contemporary Art Platform. It was a crazy night, a reunion of sorts. And what better way to share the event with those who couldn’t make it than with pictures. This first batch was taken by my very dear friend Reem Algharabali. Read More

new painting } ice-cream and a ladybug


Ice-Cream and a Ladybug, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 240 cm

This painting started with the eponymous ice-cream and ladybug. I was babysitting my nephew Khaldoun, had three empty canvases prepped for painting and thought: why not let him play a little?  Read More

new painting } come in/come close/come together


Come in/Come Close/Come Together, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 240 cm

All I’m going to say about this painting is that I miss companionship. Read More

folkyflo & the little eves


Eno and the Little Eves. He got along so well with the girls.

A few weeks ago I introduced everyone to FolkyFlo Eve. And now it’s time to introduce you to the Little Eves. The idea of a smaller Eve arose when I felt the original Eve was a little too cumbersome and conspicuous for me to carry around. So I kept her with friends (she had a great time, but  I’ll leave this for later posts) while Laura and I concentrated on creating a smaller Eve that was more portable. A side note: when I told my friend Reem Algharabali about this mini version of Eve, she suggested that Laura add a hole at the bottom of her torso (there’s no way to explain this without it sounding sexual, sorry) for inserting a stick. This is so Reem could take her to festivals and raise her above the crowds: Festival Eve. But only Reem will call her that.  Read More

watercolor paintings } tree woman 01 & 02


Tree Woman 01


Tree Woman 02

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new painting } the eves and thilo


The Eves & Thilo, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 240 cm

I finished this painting around ten days ago, and instead of photographing myself with it as I usually do with my finished paintings, I wanted to share that fun with a few of the special women in my life. Thanks to my sister Yasmine for thinking about asking her colleague photographer Thilo Mayer to take the pictures, which he so generously did. It was so spontaneous, and what was going to be an afternoon of fun with my girlfriends turned into an afternoon of fun with my girlfriends and Thilo! Oh, and Eve, who is currently staying with Fatma Bodoma, but I’ll leave that for another post. Read More

new painting } eves at the forum


Eves at the Forum, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 250 x 150 cm

I started this painting in late July, and until I finished it two days ago, it had been driving me mad. For the longest time I kept denying that the painting felt wrong, that I even hated it. I put it away for weeks, in avoidance and resentment for the subjects it portrayed. It’s the worst feeling ever, painting-wise. When I brought it back out and looked at it hard and strong-and admitted that some of the faces had to go-I got both a feeling of relief and an overwhelming sense that there was a lot of work to be done. And so many problems to solve. I worked so long on this painting that not only did I pose once with it for Instagram, not twice, but four times! We did end things on good terms and all is fantastic in the world again. Read More