never nothing

diary feb 24 2019

today 02

Thursday, February 22: Ayesha and me after recording a special ‘Loving Kuwait’ episode for the February 25/26 National Day celebrations.

Click here for Ayesha’s Loving Kuwait podcast.

Later that day our way to the desert; it looked like Desert Storm.

Getting the fire stoked for a late night barbecue. We left before dinner was served (at midnight!).

today 04

Friday morning, feeling peaceful and content. For some reason I had a surge of optimism that led to nothing.

today 20

This morning I went with Khaldoun and Tareq, Jamie and her daughters Safyre and Sabel to the beach.

today 08

Jamie watches peacefully over the kids.

today 14

Is the park trying to tell me something?

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    • Thank you Rowan. Yes, we live so close to the sea but we are also so separated from it. I’m going to try to go more often, especially because it’s so close to my home! Thanks for visiting x

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