airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, some highlights and back

I was looking forward to this trip to Beirut with my best friend Laura Boushnak. It was going to be a work/play vacation and I suppose we did both. We had many ups and one massively disappointing down, but here I want to only remember the pleasant times.

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UK days } april 28 to may 8, 2016 } part II

This trip has been packed. For someone who has made it her mission this time to ‘chill’, I’ve done a lot, met new friends and caught up with old ones. This sojourn has, however, been a bit of a challenge, at moments even regretful…I don’t know why…well, I do but I won’t tell, for various reasons. Funny enough, […]

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thinking about tattoos

I haven’t really told anyone because a. I was worried it was just a whim and b. I don’t really care for the larger public to know, but I’m seriously considering the art of tattoo as a career. Well, tandem to everything else I’m doing. I know I have my own aesthetic and my own […]

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zeri crafts notebook } a bottle of water

We drink water because we’re in need of hydration.

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until love } twelve

Yesterday I bought six sets of origami paper, in order to feed my new obsession.

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my green & stone sketchbook } the first seventeen pages

On my last trip to London I bought a new sketchbook from Green and Stone’s, no surprise. It has been rather difficult to find a sketchbook with the right degree of soft- to roughness ratio and absorption. When I bought this one, I felt I’d found the one. As lovely as the paper is, it still doesn’t measure up to […]

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