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I haven’t really told anyone because a. I was worried it was just a whim and b. I don’t really care for the larger public to know, but I’m seriously considering the art of tattoo as a career. Well, tandem to everything else I’m doing. I know I have my own aesthetic and my own mark. It’s just a matter of learning the skill and practicing the methods by which I can transfer my designs onto skin. Oh, and hours and hours of assistant work. None of it easy, but none as difficult as living in a country where the practice is illegal. So I’ll take it one little step at a time and cross my fingers for opportunity and luck.

my first order of business was a trip to green & stones (of course) for supplies

even though i’ve drawn these a million times before, initially it was stifling getting anything on paper

i had to make alterations to the way i think about drafting

a few days later my sister and i headed to the london tattoo convention 2015

which cemented my desire to tattoo. i wanted to be these guys embellishing skin with ink

eve went too. but she stayed

shoe shines! free shoe shines!

why wear a top when you’re wearing a tattoo?

cheeky cheeky

What a buzz. The day after I stayed home and drew to my heart’s content.


Oh and I did something very high school to my notebook, with all the stickers I collected. *I kinda regret it. Shhhh.*

And as tempting as it was to get one, I am still tattoo-free. And plan to remain that way.

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