UK days } april 28 to may 8, 2016 } part II


Happy Birthday, Anna Dora! A great way to kick off this trip is cocktails at Cahoots with Anna and her friends. Of course Anna can’t help being Anna here and I love her for it.

This trip has been packed. For someone who has made it her mission this time to ‘chill’, I’ve done a lot, met new friends and caught up with old ones. This sojourn has, however, been a bit of a challenge, at moments even regretful…I don’t know why…well, I do but I won’t tell, for various reasons. Funny enough, though, it has also been strewn with pleasurable moments, in all senses of the word, and this is what I like to celebrate.

{ April 29, 2016, Anna’s Birthday }

{ April 30, 2016, Breakfast in Bed, Lunch with Chris and Reem }

A note: my first few days here I was taking it easy, following my ‘chill’ mantra, even allowing myself to PMS without panic. It was in May that I finally got my London spirit back .

{ May 1, 2016, Sunday Brunch and Bocce with Reham, Eilidh and Later on Haya }

{ Captain America with Anna Dora and the Girls }

{ May 2, 2016, Lunch with Naz }

{ May 3, 2016, Hackney Wick with Georgie }


George gives me street credibility. I love this shot. In it he says that he’s my guilty conscience. In that case, I’m guilty through and through.

{ May 4, 2016, New Sketchbook, Ayesha and Dinner with T and the Girls }

Iconic London: A while back my friend Ayesha and I started our tradition of doing a selfie in front of anything that was quintessentially London. So far we’ve done the Underground sign, a newspaper kiosk and a double-decker bus. This day we were confined to the Green Park bus stop so had to stretch it a little…

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Soon I’ll go out to the park and paint, even though painting for me is a solitary, private, indoor activity. But it’s London outside and the weather is gorgeous. I promised myself a relaxing trip and I’m going to fulfil that vow.

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