three faces in december

december 4 face 01

Face 1

december 4 face 02

Face 2

december 6 face

Face 3

3 faces 08

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3 faces 03

I decided to use acrylic on the third face because I felt it needed it. And then I had an accident.


3 faces 02

Another little accident (see the goji berry in the water? It’s now completely hydrated.).


3 faces 06

Eve, Tori and Eve.

2 faces 01

My cousins Dalal and Razan pick their Eves.



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  1. I love these, in particular the third one, I also love how although similar they look like each one has a slightly different emotion

    • I’m glad you say that because I know how alike they all are to anyone who sees them for the first time, and who isn’t me :)! Thank you x

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