From the Bspot|Atomic|Originally Posted August 7, 2009


I’ve always been in awe of science. All through school I was constantly made to believe (through my many failures in the subject, both theoretically and practically) that I could never be good at it. I saw it as a great shortcoming which added to my pre-and slightly post-pubescent low self-esteem. It’s difficult as a child  to feel that there is something out there that you can never tackle because somehow it is physically and mentally impossible. I resorted myself to that ‘fact’ and never did well in science. It was too bad because I loved test tubes and bunsen burners. It was not until biology in high school that I realized I understood science. It suddenly made sense, and because whatever it was I was studying was happening inside me, that science could not be impossible, how could it? If my body could somehow function scientifically, then my mind could too.
In conclusion, to quote the very scientific show Brainiac: “I can do science, me!”

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