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A few years ago I bought a sketchbook. At the time I couldn’t find these sketchbooks in Kuwait so would buy them in Europe or the States. It was always special when I bought a new one and I took very good care that the books were themed by medium and state of mind. This particular […]

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From the Bspot|Wax|Originally Posted August 5, 2009

This picture is more about the lady in the corner, discretely depilating herself, than the woman in the foreground. Body hair has always been a tremendous complex for a hirsute Arab like me. The woman is in pain and discomfort. She’s bent like a contortionist in a plexiglass box. She’s probably sweating and her sheera/halawa/sukar […]

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From the Bspot|Atomic|Originally Posted August 7, 2009

I’ve always been in awe of science. All through school I was constantly made to believe (through my many failures in the subject, both theoretically and practically) that I could never be good at it. I saw it as a great shortcoming which added to my pre-and slightly post-pubescent low self-esteem. It’s difficult as a […]

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From the Bspot|Pretty|Originally Posted August 7, 2009

I wouldn’t call it an accusation, but people tell me I paint ‘ugly’ women. First of all, I don’t think my women are ugly at all. They are gloriously formidable, headstrong and confrontational. In a way, I think that subconsciously I create them as an alterego. They are not your conventional heroine who goes around saving […]

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From the Bspot|Here, Chicken|Originally Posted August 11, 2009

Have you ever had an invisible friend? Or further still, an invisible life? A life that only you and a few others know about, that many of your most loved ones don’t, or can’t even imagine, exists. Summer is about to end. Next week, an old reality will set back in as my other life […]

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From the Bspot|Woman|Originally Posted August 15, 2009

I am not a feminist. But I’ve always believed in a woman’s strength and ability to excel in fields not deemed appropriate to her. I do think there are areas where a man would prove far more adequate than a woman, but these are purely physical, like lifting a piano or shot putting. I like […]

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