From the Bspot|Half-Frontal|Originally Posted August 31, 2009

no nip slips here

I dream a lot that I’m naked and exposed. Of course a dream like that would probably suggest vulnerability, weakness and humiliation. At least that’s what I think. The worst naked dreams are those when I’m in a public (or even private) toilet and I can’t go because the door is missing or there are too many people in the bathroom with me. I get stage fright as it is. And another thing: what do you cover when you find yourself spontaneously denuded? There’s a story about a veiled lady on an airline who failed to lock the lavatory door. When someone accidentally walked in on her, she covered her head, not her private bits. I think if I ever found myself in a situation where my clothes just blew off me, I’d fall to the ground and curl into a fetal position. That will take care of the front bits and with the other hand cover the back (mind you it would need to be a big hand). What would you do?

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