this london trip • gotta pick a pocket or two 


Nothing much in the last few days as I’ve been sick and depressed. 

Monday: cheap movie night with Sarah and Matt. We watched Borg & McEnroe at the Gate cinema.

Followed by dinner at the quirky Hafiz restaurant in Notting Hill.

Matt and the cutlery.

Sketching on Tuesday. Later on that night Yousef and I went out for a doughnut. And I was pick-pocketed. It’s been downhill since then.

Wednesday morning I get my hair done by Pierre at the George Valossian salon. But even that won’t lift my spirits.

Neither does my third (and last) date with R. Everything has a bad taste. I’m trying to get my head into a good place but my body’s too weak and I’m completely crestfallen. I hate it here right now.

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