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this london trip • gotta pick a pocket or two 

Nothing much in the last few days as I’ve been sick and depressed. 

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UK days } april 28 to may 8, 2016 } part II

This trip has been packed. For someone who has made it her mission this time to ‘chill’, I’ve done a lot, met new friends and caught up with old ones. This sojourn has, however, been a bit of a challenge, at moments even regretful…I don’t know why…well, I do but I won’t tell, for various reasons. Funny enough, […]

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three days in nayland } cobblers cottage

This is my fourth visit to one of my beloved Grove Cottages. This time: Cobblers Cottage. My companions are my sister-in-law Jana, her baby bump (my nephew) and, of course, Eve. The cottage is breath-taking and as always exceeds my expectations. I still can’t believe how generous people are with sharing these lovely ‘homes’. 

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airplane timelines } british airways flight 156 kuwait to london } february 5, 2016

Another trip come and gone. I must go back soon. I must. I need to.

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