studio redo {phase two} putting things back together again

before: awfully cluttered and dirty wall

after: studio orange or or o-wrong?

Well, this is as much as I can do with it for the time-being. My advisor Yasmine’s at work today, so we decided that, because our goal has expanded to re-doing the whole area, including the living room and desk area, we’d wait for the weekend to proceed. One step at a time, and of course I’ll keep you posted.

5 Comments on “studio redo {phase two} putting things back together again”

  1. Why ORANGE?

    Studios need always to get organized and de-cluttered, but I would always prefer white for walls. May be keep just this wall orange and the Re- paint the rest in white…
    Well a personal suggestion

    And if you think your studio is cluttered, I would invite you to mine with Yasmine of course to help me with!!!!!!


    • You know, I agree with you. I like white too. But sometimes I just can’t help adding some color! It’s the only wall we’re painting. I know my studio won’t be this neat for too long because I DO have to work. And I’m sure you know that our line of work involves a big mess!

      Oh, and I was surprised by the orange too! I really thought that I got yellow…


  2. @Wafa, my house is all about colors. not a single white wall…I have blue, yellow, pink, red, and the living room and dining room ochre are the best since they lok somehow neutral compared to the bright colors…
    Ok this went for few years but now,the colors make me sick. I I can’t look at anything. All what I need is just white and I mean it…paintings look much better on white since my apartment is cluttered too with hundreds of objects, from my collections and hundreds of books…
    So @ Ghada, you understand why I said it’s a personal suggestion…


    • Ginane, I understood! Of course everyone is going to have their own opinion. Having said that, I also understand what you mean by having color in your studio. Driving around yesterday, I saw that damn color everywhere! The yellow orange hummer, the yellow orange street signs and the yellow orange and black of the sidewalks. I’m pulling out my hair :)


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