studio redo {phase one} painting a wall

i know this doesn't look like a grand mess, but it's a little too cluttered for my liking. and i do regret getting paint splattered on the walls

Today I started an ambitious project to get this section of my studio/home clutter-free. Because my workplace is more a home where I work  than a studio I live in, I don’t like looking at this wall. So I solicited my sister Yasmine, who works at IKEA and has a good eye for interior detail. Oh, and she also happens to have a university degree in Interior Design. So the first thing on our ‘to do’ list was to paint the wall. I got her to do all the dirty bits while I splish-sploshed the wall in Thai Gold. What are little sisters for?

we started by moving everything from the work area into the foyer. between you and me, i think these things look great here. just a little difficult traversing the place though

almost empty. that splash of red paint has been a thorn in my side since the day it got splashed

first order of business: get rid of the lamp

but not before having a good goof-off session with it


i see you

oh my god, the floor. i'm never getting my deposit back. the tiles are something i would like to replace one day. i'm just not committed to that until i find a proper studio to work in

and now into our dude-pants. this is actually me in my sister's work trousers. it felt like i was wearing sandpaper. and my ass looks like a dude's ass. dude-pants!

someone call the fashion police

yasmine, my girl-bro, in her dude-pants

poor thing. not only did she have the inferior roll of masking tape, but i made her do the most difficult part of the job, taping the bottom edges. i did the top and sides. AND i had the good tape

like any self-respecting painter, i applied primer first

i like this picture because for the first time in a long time, my wall actually looks decent

this paint was bought over a year ago. i forgot what color it was. i thought it was sunshine yellow. but it looks more like mango orange. the paint had separated with the oil concentrated on top. i don't have a centrifuge so used a mixing stick instead

there i was busy applying the first coat (three in all, excluding the primer) while yasmine fooled around...

...and around. now that's just rude

nothing golden about this paint. or thai

nothing like painting a wall on a saturday night with your sister listening to some top 40 junk!

tada! seventies kitchen orange. not what i expected, but we'll make it work

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