The Dream

Sometimes when I want to travel without getting out of my comfy, fat chair, I endeavor on a drawing like this. As soon as I start to draw, the lines transform to rivers with little streams and rivulets of swimming images branching from their banks. through these pictures my mind wanders so far and wide and I feel very safe within their confines. At times, the experience becomes tantric and sometimes a little stressed. And there is always the excitement of what comes next.

This drawing was done sometime in 2008. It took me about four or five days to complete. I did get up occasionally from my comfy, fat chair during that time.

2 Comments on “The Dream”

  1. this is epic. phenomenal work and chiaroscuro technique. The hatching reminds me of Piranesi. You are a master.

  2. Sometimes the most enchanting journeys are the ones we undertake from the comfort of our armchairs or whilst in our cosy beds. We sometimes return from these journeys as different people. Our imagination is so much more powerful than reality.

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