the morning i got my carbon light boxes back

xray feature02

Yesterday I finally got my Secretary carbon light boxes back from the Sultan Gallery, through no fault of theirs but mine, as it was I who was neglectful. So I thought, to give them their due TLC, I’d put them on display one more time before storing them indefinitely.

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video illustration } take three

video feature

A little over a minute done. I need to get permission for this song and the process is so confusing! Any advice is welcome x

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earth on black

watching matt parker on youtube

Ugh! I hate this scanner. I can’t wait to get back to my proper desktop rather than this tiny screened laptop and crappy scanner. Two more days. 

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watercolor sketchbook } green


I just started a new watercolor sketchbook and I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get my desktop back so that I can use my Mustek scanner, which doesn’t work with my MacBook. Ten more days!

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looking for lost keys in the desert

dd 2 42

Our original plan was to do one shoot with David, get that done with and explore Kuwait’s other treasures. We had so much fun on Saturday that we decided to come back. Also, we had some keys and sunglasses to find. We found the glasses but not the keys. It was very gusty this time […]

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Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. This morning, I found it in my son’s lunch. Wax paper. It’s my new yum.

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block print #2 } lino face

I’ve found the technique I’m comfortable with and I’ve just started to refine it. I love the serendipitous moments I get with these prints. Any time you have results that you are not totally in control of but which are interesting is a bonus!

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trying something new/old

This afternoon I made a special trip to the stationary store. I figured I deserved a gift because I’ve been a good girl all Ramadan. Plus I felt inspired to try out new things. Or old things that I hadn’t done for over twenty years, like block printing. So I bought, among other goodies, all […]

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kiss & cut } the exhibition } mohammed alkandari’s photos

I’m finally posting my brother Mohammed’s photos of the opening night of my exhibition Kiss & Cut. Unfortunately, he was having trouble with his camera and wasn’t too happy with what he took. But to me it’s not about the final photos. It’s a personal appreciation of his being there and capturing the moments that […]

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kiss & tell } hanging with the girls at tilal

I decided to drop by Tilal Gallery last night and hang out with my girls. While there, I drew a picture.

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kiss & cut } the last one } scroll (after)

So I finally had my panic dream this morning. I dreamt that my show was tonight and I hadn’t even brought my works to the gallery, which had changed without anyone telling me. My show was in an hour and I hadn’t even selected my outfit. And I didn’t have a car and everyone who […]

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kiss & cut } the scroll

This is my ‘countdown’ scroll. I’ll be working on this one perhaps until my works are due to be hung. It’s going to be fun.

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kiss & cut } sin and release

By how much work I got done today, you can tell two things: One. I didn’t pick up my children from school today and two. I’m in a bit of a bad way.    

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