the girl who lost her head } a play in six acts

I find housework so tiresome and boring. Sometimes I stay focused but other times I find it difficult not to be distracted. Maybe it’s a good thing. I hope you enjoy my story.

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hour drawing } fourth hour

She’s King of the Mountain.

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ramadan drawing|august 14

I’m not a drama queen, but yesterday I almost lost this drawing forever. The day before, I had spent the night at my parents’ home. I had taken this drawing, which I slot in my sketchbook for protection, in case I felt like working on it. Yesterday morning I picked up the sketchbook and two […]

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A New Portrait

A few days ago I was commissioned to paint a portrait. It’s a scary thing, but I am just starting to enjoy it. I know I still haven’t captured the spirit of this young woman but I know I will. I can’t wait til it’s done. I just hope she will happy with it x

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