A New Portrait

A few days ago I was commissioned to paint a portrait. It’s a scary thing, but I am just starting to enjoy it. I know I still haven’t captured the spirit of this young woman but I know I will. I can’t wait til it’s done. I just hope she will happy with it x

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  1. i love how its layer upon layer… and i love the expression on the second face:D amazin

  2. I THINK this one is going to be another ‘wow’. But I still don’t really understand why you show your uncompleted works. I’m not altogether convinced that witnessing an artist’s work-in-progress is actually any more necessary or edifying than seeing them on the toilet.

    • you know, you’re right, coop. i do feel quite exposed. but as an ‘artist’, i enjoy seeing other people’s works in progress, so i figured that maybe people would enjoy looking at these. it’s got nothing to do with instruction or, as you put it ‘edification’, or any other form of intellectual enrichment. it’s simply me show-and-telling.
      PLUS, and i think this is the bigger reason (my reasons seem to be coming in twos, one large and one relatively smaller): there is so much that goes on under the final ‘skin’ of my paintings and i like to share that with others instead of it being eternally hidden. does it erase the mystery? maybe. but i like to think of a painting as not just what your eye sees now but what went on before. we can call it the genealogy of the painting. i like that :)

  3. You are right Ghadah, particularly with your paintings I wonder what’s underneath the final skin. When I painted there were ‘underneaths’ but not nearly as interesting as yours. Now I look at your paintings and wonder ‘what’s underneath? A horse? A table?’ When this painting is finished I think I shall feel delighted with the knowledge that there is a girl hiding in her sleeve!

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