ramadan drawing|august 14

so far, to get the images of my ramadan drawing onto the blog, i've been photographing them, not the most ideal method for getting the finest details online. i learned today that my A3 printer is in customs so i'm quite excited about that. it opens a whole new window for transporting my larger works onto the blog

I’m not a drama queen, but yesterday I almost lost this drawing forever. The day before, I had spent the night at my parents’ home. I had taken this drawing, which I slot in my sketchbook for protection, in case I felt like working on it. Yesterday morning I picked up the sketchbook and two bags from a shopping trip the previous night. I left pretty early so everyone was asleep except for my mom’s maid Sally. When I got to my car I realized that I didn’t have my keys. I had already shut the gate to the house, which you need a key to get in. So I did something stupid and left the bags and sketchbook outside. I pushed my way into the garden through the bushes (I didn’t want to be ringing my parents’ very obnoxious phone/intercom bell) and knocked the front door to be let in. Sally opened the door, I got my keys, picked up my shopping bags outside and left.

Last night I drove back to my parents’ for iftar (breaking fast) and saw my sketchbook on the kitchen table. I had looked for it at home because I wanted to work on the drawing and realized that I must have forgotten it at my parents’, no big deal. I totally forgot that I had actually carried it with me in the morning to take home! I was about to complain to my mom about why my sketchbook shouldn’t be in the kitchen when she told me the story of Sally finding the sketchbook outside and putting it with yesterday’s papers to be thrown away. Oh my God I would have died if that drawing were dumped in the trash, not that I’m a drama queen or anything.

To see this drawing up close and in the making, please click here.

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