the evolution of semi-things

diary december 20 2015



in the beginning


in the end

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  1. Don’t know what it is about you. Your steady gaze maybe. Layers of you. A kind of burning innocence, then afraid, then knowing, something, something about me (or the on-looker), things worldly. Your brows betray your intelligence, especially the left, it rises when you speak, combines with your lips to make sense of whatever it is that baffles or annoys or you wish (so hard) to convey. I’m fairly sure I can reach you from here and then the phone rings.

    • It’s funny. Just this morning I was thinking about how annoying that eyebrow is. I try my best to maintain a balance between the two. As for the rest of it, I have been undulating between fear, anger and a resolution to stop seeing myself through the eyes of those who see me as a trouble-maker, a child, a weakling.

  2. I’m sure balance is to be advocated especially when treading the knife edge. Weakling though, really. Is it so bad that others are fooled into thinking that about you? It says more about those people than it does about you.

    Something I’ve learned recently (or had it hammered home so to speak) is that thinking people never stop growing, expanding, assimilating. So perhaps in relation to what we shall become we are weak at the moment, we are children in terms of the knowledge and experience we will gain as we acquire more of life’s juice.

    Wishing you love and happiness at this festive time.

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