thinking about tattoos

I haven’t really told anyone because a. I was worried it was just a whim and b. I don’t really care for the larger public to know, but I’m seriously considering the art of tattoo as a career. Well, tandem to everything else I’m doing. I know I have my own aesthetic and my own […]

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When your sister is game, life gets a whole lot funner (and funnier). I’ve always had an itch for dabbling with body art, and I have previously graffitied parts of my own body. But can anyone tell me if there’s such a thing as a career in drawing pictures on other people with a marker? […]

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Lub-Dub|The Drawings

When I started the video Lub-Dub, I decided to use tracing paper which I thought would be both versatile and practical (since I don’t use proper animation software). I also love the fierce crinkle, especially after being heavily sketched on (I did suffer not a paper scratch, but a vicious paper stab-never crumple up heavy […]

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