dar.nur } a visit

my sister and i paid a visit to dar.nur yesterday. this is my first visit since noor alzabin relocated her store to lilly center in shuwaikh. this is my favorite location of the three (the store was located in the same center originally but this time overlooking the courtyard)

i wanted to share with you my first impression of the store, a very confused glimpse of one of my two large scale paintings on display

and when i opened the door, my girls! i love this painting. there is something very rustic and utilitarian about it. and it looks amazing here. i’m really honored it occupies a coveted space at dar.nur

both my sister and i LOVED this aptly sized name card for wynn’s baby photography. this teeny weeny business card is about 1.5 x 1.5 cm

these are some of the art books and magazines on offer at dar.nur. i could spend a whole afternoon just going through all the publications here

and my book

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