1001 eves } eves by wafa rashed

this is where she likes to come to dream

this is where she likes to come to dream

Yesterday my friend Wafa Rashed sent me all these delightful photos of Eve at Sunday night’s 1001 Eves tea party. The more she sent (this went on all day!) the fewer I included in my previous post, simply because hers were much nicer. Of the 53 Eves exploring Dar Nur, she found 39. Not bad! Thank you, Wafa, for these wonderful photographs! Read More

1001 eves } eves come out to play

eve at dar nur. i wanted mai al-nakib's 'hidden light of objects' to be in there too, since she couldn't make it

eve at dar nur. i wanted mai al-nakib’s ‘hidden light of objects’ to be in there too, since she couldn’t make it

I wanted my Eves to have an official ‘coming out’ party so Noor and I set a meet-and-greet tea last night at her shop. The weather was lovely and Eve got to meet a few of our friends and family members. And somehow the event turned into an Eve treasure hunt. It was fun and a great way to end this frantic month!

Listen to Comme Ci Comme Ca by Zaz:

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homes | noor alzabin & lali al-sayer

girl not alone, with noor, lali and balthazar

I visited Noor Alzabin’s elegant home this morning to take some photos of her new acquisition, my painting ‘Girl Not Alone’. I think, however, I ended up taking more photos of Noor, Lali and their excitable doggy Balthazar! Read More

packing for dar.nur } bye-bye, girls

bachir, the leader of the packers. he took very good care of the girls. thank you, bachir

My paintings were finally transported to dar.nur this morning. I have to say I was bubbling with energy, really happy they were going to a better place! Be good, girls. I’ll be visiting every now and then x Read More

my works exclusively at dar.nur

watercolor and collage postcards

I’m pleased to announce that dar.nur is now officially the exclusive agent for all my artwork*. For more information on the works, please feel free to contact them directly on

dar.nur is located in the Lilly center in Old Shuwaikh behind City Centre.

P.O. Box: 64913, Shuwaikh, B 72460, Kuwait

*not including works at solo or group exhibitions.

dar.nur } a visit

my sister and i paid a visit to dar.nur yesterday. this is my first visit since noor alzabin relocated her store to lilly center in shuwaikh. this is my favorite location of the three (the store was located in the same center originally but this time overlooking the courtyard)

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more photos from dar.nur

someone needs to build a train track from my place to dar.nur. a train wouldn't hurt either. i spy. a little blue book

I took another trip to dar.nur this afternoon. I must admit, it was business, but I just can’t help hanging around and taking photos. The place is teeming with beautiful objects. A wonderful place to award yourself an allowance and go nuts! Read More

my books & postcards at dar.nur

body parts standing nice and tall at dar.nur

I have delivered some copies of my book Body Parts to one of my favorite shops in Kuwait, dar.nur. I also took ten of my framed postcards. dar.nur is the perfect place to go this time of year for fine gifts you won’t find anywhere else in Kuwait. I do hope you give it a visit.

Stories of Eves at Dar.Nur


I visited my Eves at Dar.Nur this morning and they look great! I’ve posted some photos to show you, and possibly to entice you to go in and see them face to face. Read More

New Name Cards

It’s that time again. Having my works at Dar.Nur requires a new set of name cards. Because they are hand drawn, I can just do a few at a time. This is the first batch. Read More

Dar.Nur|Stories of Eves

eve, the bees and an apple, 2010, collage on fabric, 50cm x 50cm

I have finished the first four pieces of the Stories of Eves. When I started this series for Dar.Nur, I intended on doing just four, but I’m not ready to let go yet. I’m taking the works to Dar.Nur today and they will be up and ready for their audience after Eid break. Please check Dar.Nur for details. Read More

Dar.Nur|Seven Eves & a Beachball

seven eves & a beachball, 2010, collage on fabric, 50cm x 50cm

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For Dar.Nur|The Two Eves & their Bees

the two eves & their bees, 2010, collage on fabric, 50cm x 50cm

This is one of four pieces I’m working on for display at Dar.Nur in the newly opened 7Zones shopping center. They will be up on September 12. You can visit her charming boutique any time before then. Just check her timings in the link I’ve included above. Cross the bridge for more pictures and a map to Dar.Nur. Read More

Homes: Noor Alzabin

little picture with no name, 2009, pen & ink on paper. i love the textures in this photo

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