prettygreenbullet the second exhibition photos } mohammed alkandari

I love this photo. it sort of makes me sad and proud of my son at the same time. he really took his job as photo room organizer seriously. although he looks alone in this photo, he had the three ladies presiding over him

For every one of my exhibitions in the past five years, my brother Mohammed Alkandari has been there for me, snapping away. I always value his ‘eye’ and his point of view, and his photos never cease to surprise me. There was absolutely no editing done on these photos taken with his new Leica (which for some reason I want to keep calling Lycra) camera. Thank you, Moh. I love them!

my drawing ‘twelve and one nights’ takes on new life through this shot

detail from twelve and one nights

my pink ballerinas

sitting, from ‘sitting and lying’


the sitting series, or the red ones


ballerina’s feet and flower

‘face two on july 23’

me and my pumpkin


mustering the best face i could

twelve and a half nights



seeing these sketches through moh’s photos is like looking at your living room through a mirror or driving the opposite direction on a familiar road



jana and yasmine

i love this one

because it’s not


my little book on the art-deco mantelpiece


the luminous lucia topalian of dar al-funoon gallery


a view from the courtyard

this is mr. martin, my son y’s science teacher



this one made me laugh. i totally forgot that i’d ever drawn it

fan, filters, fun, flying, f…


a photograph of a photographer: bader al-bassam

three generations of the female species wear three different degrees of dots


sumaya boustany

my brother mohammed, his lovely wife jana and their friend ziad al-duaij

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    • Thanks, Mohammed. Seeing from the polkadot pictures, it did look like you had a great night :) :) It was good talking to you. And nice to share my fanatic love of Copic markers with someone else!

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