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Every year, a vital part of my PGB exhibitions are my brother Mohammed’s photos and Mohammed himself. He flew in early from Bahrain to be at the exhibition, and that means the world to me. Thanks, Mo. Read More

mutla ridge

mutla ridge, 2012, acrylic and a little sand on canvas, 100 x 120cm *this painting is not complete. i thought it was, but it's not. still working on it

The painting’s finished. I’m also going to share some really nice photos sent to me by Nawaf Alali. The pictures were taken by Liane Al Ghusain and Alia Farid. Read More

prettygreenbullet the second exhibition photos } mohammed alkandari


I love this photo. it sort of makes me sad and proud of my son at the same time. he really took his job as photo room organizer seriously. although he looks alone in this photo, he had the three ladies presiding over him

For every one of my exhibitions in the past five years, my brother Mohammed Alkandari has been there for me, snapping away. I always value his ‘eye’ and his point of view, and his photos never cease to surprise me. There was absolutely no editing done on these photos taken with his new Leica (which for some reason I want to keep calling Lycra) camera. Thank you, Moh. I love them! Read More

Stories of Eves Exhibition Photos|Mohammed Alkandari

snip snap

And another opening passes by. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I was (and still am) in the midst of nursing what feels like a stomach virus again. For someone who takes pleasure in food, that sucks. I hope, however, that for those of you who didn’t attend, you enjoy the photos taken last night by my brother, Mohammed. For those of you who were there, I thank you. It means a lot to me that you came. Read More

PrettyGreenBullet Exhibition Photos|Sharoofa Abdulsalam

sharoofa taking a break from her many doodles. her friend, hussa took this picture so technically these are not all her photos!

I think this is the last of the PGB exhibition photos. I don’t think I saw anyone else taking photos. Time to move on. Thanks, Sharoofa, for taking part of this experience and sharing your photos. It was fun, wasn’t it. Read More

PrettyGreenBullet|Exhibition Photos|Reem Algharabali


i love it that people got into the swing of things! this is my sister yasmine and her portrait

Because photography is always encouraged in my life, I asked people to bring their cameras. So you will be seeing a few of these posts in the next couple of days. Read More

i live in a cave

caveguess what.

i live in a cave.

this is it, in the picture above. inside my cave i do regular things like eat, drink, bathe and sleep.

and when i sleep, of course i dream.

i am never myself in my dreams. i’m always someone else. Read More

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