Snow White Before the Apple

snow white before the apple, 2009, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, approx 130cm x 240cm

I painted Snow White Before the Apple about a year ago. I enjoyed working on it and absolutely loved it when it was done. It also looked absolutely  lovely in my home and again, I was sad to part with it.

as always, i start with unrestrained splashes and drippings of color and mind changes (see the bowl of oranges in her lap)

the initial 'final' colors.

i know i painted her and shouldn't be saying this but i'm in love with her face. absolutely

who are you

once upon a time she lived here, but now she is somewhere else happily ever after

3 Comments on “Snow White Before the Apple”

  1. lubb dub lubb dub lubb dub

    I could be a little vague-booking (is it vague-blogging in this case?) but I simply didn’t want to gush over how it felt to see this painting again because…., just because! and I can’t do the feelings justice by waxing lyrical about this painting so I just say lubb-f*****g-dub.

  2. I love it. love her expression of no expression yet so full of something.. and as corny as i am… i looove the print on the wallpaper!
    good job.
    Bibi H

  3. oh gosh, she’s gorgeous. and you say she’s living somewhere else now? how could you let her go? it must be the hardest thing EVER!

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