eve, me & the polyhedra

A few days ago I trekked to Muji at the Avenues to restock on color origami paper. Of course, as expected, they were out. But I found these square notepads with ecru-colored paper, ready and perfect for being stamped and folded. The new polyhedra are smaller, which I actually like. And I don’t think that Muji Kuwait […]

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apples & bananas

And this is precisely why I should be kept out of the kitchen.

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itunes on L[S]D

I’m sure this has been done a million times before, but it’s always good to have a camera handy when experiencing the itunes visualizer!

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Snow White Before the Apple

I painted Snow White Before the Apple about a year ago. I enjoyed working on it and absolutely loved it when it was done. It also looked absolutely  lovely in my home and again, I was sad to part with it.

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