From the Bspot|Latifa|Originally Posted August 16, 2009

A year ago, my Aunty Latifa died after a long, on and off battle with breast cancer. I have a few sketches which either remind me of her, or were influenced by the way I felt concerning her at the time. I was never really close to my aunt, but we did share some one-on-one […]

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Zahra|You Never Made it in the End

This is Zahra. I painted her sometime between September and October on a watercolor postcard with the intention of putting her through a few tasks and ultimately mailing her to a friend of mine. She passed all tasks with flying colors, but alas did not survive Kuwait’s postal service (sent from Kuwait to Kuwait). Poor […]

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Goodbye, Ophelia

It’s been a bittersweet week of hellos and goodbyes. First Um Kulthum and now Ophelia. I didn’t have much time with Um Kulthum so the farewell wasn’t so bad. This one, however. She’s been with me for a year now. Her space feels so empty already. On the other hand, she will be in a […]

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