Zahra|You Never Made it in the End

zahra in the beginning

This is Zahra. I painted her sometime between September and October on a watercolor postcard with the intention of putting her through a few tasks and ultimately mailing her to a friend of mine. She passed all tasks with flying colors, but alas did not survive Kuwait’s postal service (sent from Kuwait to Kuwait). Poor Zahra. I don’t know where she is right now.

doused and left out overnight to dry. she's still strong

zahra with bike tire tracks

browned from the oven at 200 degrees and slightly charred by the stove

doused, spat on and confused

bigger tire tracks

4 Comments on “Zahra|You Never Made it in the End”

  1. i think dirrty Zahra is way cooler than clean Zahra ;)
    i love it. the strong lines and all the process..

    • i always prefer it when things get a little dirty. when things are clean and new, i’m so nervous about them getting dirty and old. so the best thing to do is to get them dirty and get it over with:)

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