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out of britain } teaser #2

This is the second Out of Britain exhibition teaser by MazajEntertainment, featuring installation artist Hamad Khalaf.

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Out of Britain } Teaser #1

This is the first installment of the ‘Out of Britain’ teasers by videomakers MazajEntertainment. The exhibition itself is organized by the British Council and curated by the Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) in Kuwait.

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mutla ridge

The painting’s finished. I’m also going to share some really nice photos sent to me by Nawaf Alali. The pictures were taken by Liane Al Ghusain and Alia Farid.

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a landscape in portrait } the filming of the making of two pictures

This morning, two film-makers, two curators and two artists headed off to the Mutla’a desert to film a teaser for an upcoming Gulf landscape exhibition organized by the British Council and, in Kuwait, the Contemporary Art Platform (CAP). So this morning, Hamad Khalaf (artist #1) and I (artist #2) met with Alia Farid and Liane […]

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