mutla ridge

mutla ridge, 2012, acrylic and a little sand on canvas, 100 x 120cm *this painting is not complete. i thought it was, but it's not. still working on it

The painting’s finished. I’m also going to share some really nice photos sent to me by Nawaf Alali. The pictures were taken by Liane Al Ghusain and Alia Farid.

alia picking up sandy sound

nawaf alali filming me paint. what's missing from these pictures is the heat. we were there during the hottest hours of the day

hamad and some found hangers

a bit of temporary shelter

they look so comfy

i look like a trucker

bang bang

i didn't see any of this that afternoon. i'm doing sound collecting next time. instead, i accumulated sand

i look like i belong in soug il7areem (women's market)

nawaf and his very serious camera

a sneak peak at hamad's work


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