in triplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork } #88 and #89


The Embrace } Original


The Embrace } In duplicate.


The Embrace } In triplicate.

diptrip feature

I’m a huge hugger, and right now I can do with his embrace.


A Face on January 3 } In duplicate.


A Face on January 3 } In triplicate.

When I started this post last night, I was ‘fine’. As I continue it now, I’m beside myself with sadness. I just can’t stop crying. My Yousef left this morning and for the first time today I’m alone. The hardest thing-and it caught me completely by surprise-was seeing his cleats and soccer ball at the door when I walked into my home minutes ago. I feel completely inconsolable. Of course, my overwhelming feelings of sadness could be due to the progesterone pills I’ve been taking to regulate my period. Still, his absence has left a huge, gaping hole in this house and in my heart. I miss him so terribly.


Yousef, she’s reminding me a little of you.


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