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In a ring, which two artists would you enjoy watching fight? I know, it’s mean but I find the notion extremely funny. Thank you, Marcus.

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  1. Personally, I think I’d be pretty wimpy in the ring. My strategy would be to defend myself rather than attack. Unless someone pulls my hair. Because if someone, for any reason, or someTHING snags my hair, that’s it. I lose it.

  2. Andy Warhol vs. Tracy Emin would be good – if a little unfair on Warhol. I can see him in the corner of the ring, Emin snarling, while his arms flail around to the orchestral sound of a man shitting his pants.

  3. Warhol wore a wig, which might give him the benefit over Emin, as in the moment of confusion whilst Emin was tearing off his hair piece he could chuck a Cambell’s soup can or two in her general direction…

    • Gilbert & George count as one artist. Like Hamad & Ali. Now Gilbert & George VS Hamad & Ali… Madison Square Gardens, here we come!

    • Reemy, I’m very disappointed in you. Come on, you can come up with something better than that! I would have thought something like this was right up your alley ;)!

  4. Not artists, but I often thought I’d like to see Stephen Hawking fight Ariel Sharon. It could go on for days!

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