Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Contemporary Art Auction 2010

Laura sent me these pictures today and I loved them too much not to include them in my blog. The painting certainly looked more impressive at night! Thank you, Laura, for the pictures. I’m going to try to get some more from you!

on the left: shirin ghandtchi and in the middle ali taleb. both untitled

impressive turnout

7 Comments on “Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Contemporary Art Auction 2010”

  1. ok, now that i look at them, i wish i had more :(. they are good photographs but i’m going to try to get a few more from her. she is a good photographer and always manages to capture something others may have missed. i can’t wait to start hounding her.

  2. there will be other auctions, but maybe you won’t be lucky enough to have your painting in the window next time :-(

  3. I actually missed your painting because it was displayed in the window. Was thrilled when I heard that you showed and later had to get the digital booklet to check it out. Hope it was given justice by the bidders!

  4. aziz, you know how upset i was that it was in the window. i just reread your comment that you didn’t see the painting at all! it is such a shame that people didn’t see it at all and those who did only so in passing (or were pulled by their sleeves-by me-outside to see it). ugh! it really upset me!!!

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