UK days } part I } days one, two & the day before

Because I didn’t have time in the city, and when I went to Surrey there was no wi-fi, I could not update my blog on a regular basis. I’ve divided this series of posts into six parts: four parts covering my stay in the UK, a Traveling Tap post and a Stories of Eve post. […]

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the traveling tap 4 } current location } bangkok, thailand

I am so excited about my girls visiting Ireland and Thailand with my friend Nelli. She’s done an amazing job of taking care of them. I don’t think she realizes how happy her photos have made me. Note: Nelli doesn’t have Instagram so I took the liberty of Instagramming them for her (with her approval […]

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Months and months ago, I was introduced by my friend Tom, to the word steampunk. I instantly fell in love with it. A few weeks ago, my friend SB said that I had the potential to be steampunkish and I disagreed with him, ‘How ridiculous!’. Then this morning I was going through some old photos […]

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