PrettyGreenBullet|Exhibition Photos|Reem Algharabali

  Because photography is always encouraged in my life, I asked people to bring their cameras. So you will be seeing a few of these posts in the next couple of days.

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The Teabag Prophecies

About a year ago I started collecting teabags because I loved the organic-ness of a used and dried up bag of tea. I also love repetition and the linearity of things. There is something very regimental and military-like about any ordinary object or human being stacked side by side; almost but not altogether uniform. I […]

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A Portrait of Yasmine Alkandari|May 16 am

It looks much more like her now. I totally fucked her up. And I broke my camera. And I’m feeling shitty with the world. Sorry, Yasmine.

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A Portrait of Yasmine Alkandari|May 13

Eek. Although I’m liking the painting itself more, I think I screwed up my sister’s face a little. So I hope she doesn’t see this! I know I’ll make it work, I know I will.

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Homes:Yasmine Alkandari

My brothers and sister love me. Enough to allow me to use their wall space instead of stacking my paintings in my studio. These are two of ten charcoal works I did over the summer. The poor things got warped in a wave of heavy humidity we had around August.

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