an apology

This is an apology to you, my PGB. I feel I have neglected you in the past few weeks. It’s just that I’ve been quite busy with something I feel is a little repetitive, and I don’t want to tire you. And here’s the proof.

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Caught in the Pod

Sometimes we’re on a roll. But we wreck it by doing too much for too long, whether it’s work or play. I have found myself not being able to stop painting, drawing, or doodling. These past three days have been crazy and I find it hard to stop. I’m working on a video, large acrylic, […]

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Place, Scan, Compress, Place, Enlarge, Save & Do Over

It’s been four or five days since I last posted anything, the longest I’ve gone without an update. That’s because I’ve been working on this project that has driven me loony over the past few days and I’m still not done. I just thought I’d touch base with you and give you an insight of […]

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