new spiral sketchbook } six sketches

I just bought a new sketchbook because I miss my spiral sketchbook. Visually I loved the way it looked scanned and online. The only thing that really irks me with these new sketchbooks is the perforations. I don’t want my pages perforated! And it’s always something I forget to check for. 

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Forty-Eight Women, a Kitten & Pele|Part One|The Aunties With Their Shirts

This collection started with a painting I had done much earlier and stored away. It amazed me how much my style evolved the more paintings I did in this series. When I went back to the one that inspired the rest, I was shocked at how different it looked from its sisters. Nonetheless, I included […]

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A New Painting

A few days ago I started a painting in oils. Oils proved to be more challenging than I remember, because I’m more accustomed to using acrylics. But I know I’ll adapt. I started this painting with the figure facing the viewer. Then I added another woman embracing the first. I rarely paint people interacting with […]

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