airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, beirut to kuwait and all in between

My family and I spent a lovely week in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains for my sister Yasmine’s wedding. I’ll share some moments here.

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uk days } the most wonderful trip

What a perfect little trip I took. All across the board, from finally visiting the Dennis Severs House, to successful shopping sprees, to a dear friend’s wedding. And even the pitfalls were to laugh about almost immediately. But alas with a most wonderful trip, comes a tremendous dip. I was feeling the anti-climax all day yesterday. […]

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asleep at the kosha

I don’t get Kuwaiti weddings. I really don’t. Last night I was sweet-talked by my mom into pretty-please dropping by a cousin’s daughter’s wedding party (you know, since I was going to two exhibitions and what was one more event anyway. At 10 pm. When my bedtime is 9:30). I literally wanted to cry after wishy-washily […]

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