yellow and blue

I keep changing this. I just added a new clip this afternoon and made it a bit more upbeat. I think I’ll keep it this way and just add more to it in the coming weeks.

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watercolor sketchbook } green

I just started a new watercolor sketchbook and I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get my desktop back so that I can use my Mustek scanner, which doesn’t work with my MacBook. Ten more days!

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the traveling tap 4 } exit 293, kuwait

Last weekend my sister and I were invited to a ‘Kuwaiti’ party at our friend H’s beach house by the Saudi border. It was the equivalent of a toga party, but instead of Roman garb, the dress code was dishdashas for the men and dara’at (women’s robes) for the ladies. Folkloric singer Ismail Karam and his troop provided the […]

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These are two videos my son Khaled and I filmed while playing with some water and blue food coloring. We were both very mesmerized by the way the dye reacted with the water. Later we introduced my girls to the liquid in what turned into something resembling water torture. Our intentions were good, but I’m […]

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As you know I get these surges of playfulness which grip me for a few hours and result in something that ultimately gets posted here. This time it was different, because my whimsy was a catalyst for something that would come after. It inspired my son, and consequently me, to play with some water and […]

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From the Bspot|Cold Day|Originally Posted August 20, 2009

It was a cold day in Paris when I did this sketch. I was in my hotel room playing with this watercolor brush/pen Amira bought me. It’s a plastic tube with a brush at the end. You fill it up with water and then brush over the surface to get a watercolory effect. It was […]

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