Um Kulthum Hello & Goodbye Night

Last Friday I had some friends over to see Um Kulthum. This was very important to me because I felt that people had to see her in real life before she went to her new home (where I’m sure she’ll get further exposure). It was a lovely night and I feel a special connection with […]

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Um Kulthum & Me

In every painting I do, there is a process of conception, initial implementation (or preliminary sketch), destruction, reconstruction, destruction (this particular cycle is unpredictable. Factors may include my emotions, events which may influence the progress of the painting, ¬†or just having a really good day and somehow clicking with my painting). Many times, the ‘completion’ […]

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Um Kulthum

I FINALLY started this painting. It’s been a long time coming now. I listened to some her music, watched some videos on youtube and printed some photos. I avoided the sunglasses because of two reasons: the first is that it’s been overdone and somehow the glasses came to represent her more than her voice. Secondly […]

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